A little bit about us

Hey everyone! I hope you’re staying warm and dry in this cold, cold weather! For this blog post, I have decided to introduce myself along with talking about the company’s goals for the future onward. To start, my name is Galen. I am 26 years old; I’m enrolled in graphic design at Full Sail university, I’m a proud Seattleite, I’m engaged to a wonderful man that makes me happy every single day and I am an artist brand new to the art world as well as exploring their art career for the first time. I like to consider myself a cannabis connoisseur, I love pinball machines and when I get time, I like to bake and work on my 1993 Honda Del Sol. As for the future of the company, this is what I envision. I See Tokie Bears as a powerhouse in cannabis-oriented fashion. My biggest aspiration with the company is getting into the designer cannabis industry and being able to work with big names such as Cookies and Jungle Boys. I dream of being able to produce my own original strains as well as collaborate with other companies to produce frosty, delicious cannabis. I also see this company working on the fashion design side of cannabis fashion, introducing new designs to share with the world around me. In the journey of this company, you will find me introducing new designs for clothing to begin with, as well as building up the brand image. What will our packaging look like? What marketing strategies will we execute? What will our first strain be? These are just a few of the many questions Tokie Bears will be faced with as we continue to grow as a cannabis minded brand. I hope reading this caught your interest in what we are working on, and I hope you join us as we define the Grizzly Life.
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